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August 2015

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August 13, 2015


Photo showing tourists partying at a nightclub on the island of Ibiza, SpainThis summer, two members of the British police force have been sent to spend a week patrolling the party streets of Magaluf on the holiday island of Mallorca, before heading to San Antonio on Ibiza. These officers have been tasked to try and cut crime and improve the behaviour of those young UK holidaymakers and stag parties holidaying at these party hotspots.

The officers have been spotted wearing their full police uniform as they patrol the streets and try to curb crime by making their presence clearly known. However, they have already been criticised after finishing their shifts at 22:00 at night, just before the bars and clubs start to fill up after the sleeping teenagers awake from their beach slumber. It is after this time that the worst behaviour of drunk tourists is known to begin, with many locals stating that this is actually the time that the officers should be clocking on, rather than heading back to their hotel.

This experimental scheme is also designed to support those in trouble on Mallorca and Magaluf, whilst trying to improve the behaviour of those on pub crawls and binge drinking. While the police officers don't actually have any jurisdiction outside of the UK, their presence and advice is thought to be more than enough to help those in need, as well as reducing the ever-growing problems related to drink and drugs on these islands.

Similar schemes have recently been trialled in Spain where police from countries such as France, Germany and also Italy have had success in improving the behaviour of young tourists, many of which are holidaying away from home for the very first time in large, same-sex groups.

Posted by Martin at 12:04:52 on 13/8/2015

August 1, 2015


Picture showing Porthcurno Beach, next to the Minack Theatre in Penzance, Cornwall, England, UKThis year, the start of the British school summer holidays is heralding an exodus of even more gigantic proportions than usual. Hot weather in Spain, Italy and France are being quoted as the reason why. So too is a strong British Pound against the Euro, which is making holidays in Europe cheaper than other popular tourist destinations, like the Caribbean.

Whatever the reason, it seems that this weekend will surely test the ability of airports, ferries and the Channel Tunnel to cope with millions of holidaymakers. Heathrow Airport is expecting half a million people to pass through its terminal gates this weekend. The Channel Tunnel will carry over 70,000 passengers to Paris and southern France.

Whilst friends are working themselves up into a frenzy as they plan for a potentially troublesome trip to Calais or a hectic few hours in an airport, I'm contemplating what could be a difficult drive to the furthest corner of Cornwall over the weekend. This is, apparently, the most popular weekend to drive to holiday destinations in the UK. We're being told to expect jams.

Over the years, we've worked out a system for surviving long drives in tricky travel conditions. Lots of food and a flask of coffee (there is nothing worse than being stuck in stationary traffic without anything to drink), plenty for the kids to do and frequent stops at motorway services and off-the-beaten-track cafes are the order of the day.

And finally, whilst sat-navs are great, old-fashioned maps are even better when it comes to finding alternative traffic-free routes on the fly.

Posted by Sue at 11:55:42 on 01/8/2015